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The holidays are over and my brain is filled with rants—how to mount a meaningful boycott, and the ramifications of foreign policy when performed by amateurs, to name two—but each time I started a post on one of them I stopped myself. I’m pretty sure regular readers don’t want to hear about that—not from me, anyway—so I’m moving on to something completely different.

Over the holiday break, my neighbor and I did a thing.

We made a game. (more…)

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A year or so ago, like many other stressed-out adults searching for a bubble of calm in a turbulent world, I turned to a solution that was trending through social media: coloring. It was a fairly good solution, too. Coloring, for however long I chose to enjoy it, provided a period of quiet meditation combined with guided creativity. After a tempestuous day of corporate politics and political upheaval, I could look forward to spending an hour, head down, blending colors across mandalas and designs with whatever palette suited my whim. I could listen to music or to the birds outside in the wisteria or to the simple, basic sound of pencil and paper. It was a refuge, a Fortress of Coloring Solitude.

But when my father died, I stopped. (more…)

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