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Regular readers know that I battle with perfectionism. It chides me for what I’m not doing, and berates me for what I have done. Perfectionism is both a goad and a hindrance, in equal measure, and believe me, it’s bloody exhausting.

One of my recently acquired mantras is, “If you’re not changing something, then your essentially okay with it,” and since I’m definitely not okay with my perfectionism, I’ve been working to find ways to suppress it altogether, circumvent the hurdles it places in my way, or at least ameliorate its nastier effects.

Enter the Shakers. (more…)

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Le crayon rougeThe epiphany hit me when I finished Wednesday’s New York Times crossword puzzle.

Epiphanies are like that, showing up at odd times, all unexpected-like. (more…)

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It's a Trap!Last week, my wife had her 60th birthday.

So, naturally, I’ve been thinking about dying.

In the past few years, life has changed. My wife and I have buried three of our four parents, making me thoroughly cognizant of my own mortality and the fact that I will, someday, end. As a result, I’ve been reevaluating … everything … from relationships with friends and family to the mental gymnastics that, while I’ve been doing them my entire life, are merely bad habits left over from an insecure childhood.

Enter should. (more…)

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