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If you say the word “gullible” very slowly, it sounds like “oranges.”

Did you try? Did you even think about trying? Then I’ve got a guy who wants to meet you.

I heard about this guy over at Ms. Vivienne’s Process of Elimination blog, and I thought she was making it up.

She wasn’t.

His name is Braco. One name. Just “Braco.”

[Make sure you pronounce it correctly. Just as Sade throws in that lateral lisp and an “r”, this one-name wonder has a Slavic twist to his moniker. It’s pronounced “BRA-tzoh”…like matzoh with a bra.]

Anyway, Braco is a gazer.

Yup. He gazes. That’s his job. That’s his profession. That’s his calling.

And (for a nominal fee), Braco will gaze…at you.

Sorry. I just got all shivery there for a minute. (more…)

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And speaking of the Apocalypse, what is it with zombies, anyway?

We all know that the Apocalypse begins with zombies, (You all did know that, didn’t you? I mean, Rev. 11:11 is pretty clear on the subject; if Revelation can be clear on anything, that is) so I understand why the faithful are always alert to the sudden appearance of the shambling undead. I mean, they’re sort of an End of Days Early Warning System (EDAWS). See a zombie? Better pack your spiritual bags. (more…)

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