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if you

say it’s “too soon” to talk about guns
say laws and bans wouldn’t stop it
blame it all on mental illness
are against common sense gun control laws
vote for people who refuse to act
pay dues to the NRA
value your right to own an AR-15 over the lives of children
accept slaughter as the “price of freedom”

then you are complicit


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Dragons AheadFrom Sunday morning until late last night, I spent my time in a vortex of pessimism.

Why? Because despite the media’s assurances, it seemed as though the massacre in Orlando had not “shocked the nation.” Rather, it seemed as though we, as a society, barely looked up from our breakfast cereal to acknowledge the tragedy. As always, we offered our thoughts and prayers, and then went to our respective corners and came out demagoguing. The Left added the cry for an assault weapons ban to their litany, and the Right responded with a full-throated chorus of “From my cold, dead hands”. The progressives blamed the NRA. The conservatives blamed the president. The president wept. Everyone talked. No one listened.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

And I lost all hope. I entered a state of despair. (more…)

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