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“Cancel culture” is scary. It can destroy reputations, bankrupt businesses, stifle dissent, and ruin lives. 

At least, that’s what conservatives tell me.

And they’re not wrong.


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I grew up in the ’60s, in a very middle-class, very white enclave in Marin County, California. And I mean very white. Exceedingly white. Like, “I can count on one hand the number of black kids in my senior class and still have my thumb available to hitch a ride”, white. Everywhere I looked it was white, white, white.

My folks, bless ’em, were were what today we’d call “allies” in the Civil Rights movement. They worked phone banks, volunteered at organizations, and such. They tried to counter the incredible whiteness of our community and educate my siblings and me about the broader world. They socialized with black families, all us kids playing together. They talked to us about race issues. They tried to instill in us a sense of “color-blindness,” so we wouldn’t treat people of color differently than we would white folks. Seeing everyone as an equal, as a default, that was their goal.

I believe they were successful in that. All of us, my siblings and I, have endeavored to treat all people equally, and to disregard race, religion, disability, gender, orientation, or anything other than “the content of their character” when dealing with other people.

But it isn’t enough. (more…)

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Full disclosure: I am a white, male, middle-class, soon-to-be senior citizen with liberal tendencies.

That said, I’ll tell you that I simply do not understand racism.

Oh, I understand that we humans like to draw distinctions, define the “Other” in the face of conflict. Such dichotomies make it easier to argue, to fight, to hate, to kill. I get that. Not a fan, but I get it.

But why skin color?


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