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Natalia has been with me for over forty-five years; Jess, over fifty.

Natalia and Jess have been my constant companions. They have accompanied me on journeys around the country and to foreign lands, accruing enough miles to circumnavigate the globe, twice. They’ve been there for every important event of my adult life. When I have needed them, in every instance, they have performed to the best of their ability.

I love them both dearly, and I want nothing for them but the best and fullest that life can offer.

Which is why it’s time for them to go.


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The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) gets a lot of press. With its prominent location, its recent mega-buck expansion, and its “Hammering Man” sculpture out front, it gets noticed and it gets visited–a lot. SAM has an excellent permanent collection, spanning two millennia of art history and representing cultures from every continent, and it has a great space for traveling exhibitions, so it is deservedly the Belle of the Seattle Art Ball…but it’s not my favorite.

We used to have a membership (kaching) but soon found that, if we weren’t interested in what was touring through the museum, we didn’t go, and since the visiting exhibitions stay at SAM a long time, we often ended up going only once a year.

Then we discovered The Frye.


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