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SFC's Little Men by Warren GoodrichI’m a good tipper. As long as the service is good, I generally tip 20% because after a glass or two of wine, the math on 20% is easier than figuring out 15%. (Yes, I can be that lazy.)

I understand the business model for restaurant wait-staff–low wages are compensated for by customer tips–but I’ve never liked it. It’s unreliable and it’s inherently unfair to the back-of-the-house workers. Also, different shifts receive different pay (lunch crowds tip less than evening diners), and different nights can bring vastly different take-home pay for staff who depend on tips. A couple weeks of low patronage can mean a waiter might not earn enough to make the rent.

In short, it’s a centuries-old scheme that depends on the kindness of strangers. It is flawed from the get-go, and I would be pleased as Punch if we tossed it into the rubbish bin of social history.

Here in Seattle, it seems we’re preparing to do exactly that. Or, at least, we’re preparing to give it a serious makeover. (more…)

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