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The news, of late, has been bleak, so much so that I feel we can be forgiven if we find ourselves pervaded by thoughts of despair.

Race riots. Ascendant nationalism. Market instability. Climate crises. Dismantled safeguards. Increasing inequality. And now, a spreading pandemic.

Seriously bleak.

In years past, when faced with bleak times, I have found comfort in stepping back to take in the longer view. (more…)

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That was Different

Gossamer WheelIt was still dark when I turned the corner and saw the woman lying on the ground. It was outside the transit station, and a few other early-morning commuters had slowed to see what was going on. Shared glances communicated our mutual concern for the young woman spread-eagled on the sidewalk. One man leaned over, peering down into her face.

“Miss? Can you hear me? Are you all right?”

I pulled out my phone but heard a man nearby relaying specifics of our location. I pointed my phone at him–“911?”–and he nodded. I returned my attention to the young woman.

I knelt at her side. My first guess had been that she was drunk and passed out–the bushes lining the walk near the transit station are a habitual crash-point for Seattle’s homeless–but a closer look told me my first guess was wrong. (more…)

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