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Dragons AheadLong post ahead, but I was asked, so I’m answering…

To those struggling with what Trump’s America looks like, I’m not shouting “Get over it!” — How long did it take some folks to “get over” Obama’s election? About nine years, it seems. — but I am getting tired of all the memes and posts from the left about changing the electoral college, or about how “easy” it would be to keep Trump out of office if only Congress got together and did this one little thing — I mean, when’s the last time Congress got together to do … anything? — so at best I’m ambivalent about Jill Stein and the Green Party’s efforts to fund recounts of the general election.

That’s at best, and it’s a long road to that ambivalence from where I am now.

Where I am now is: Something doesn’t smell right about it.

Here’s my thinking on the whole schmilblick. (<– Go ahead. Look it up. Have fun.)


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