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Obey the Kitty!In other news, I’m getting a divorce.

Yes, after 20+ years with the same company, I’m finally so weary of the booshwah that I’m going to risk a re-entry to the job market. It’s not often you find someone who’s been with the same company for 20+ years, nowadays, but it happens. To be frank, it’s the way I’ve always thought it should be.

Growing up, I watched my father work long and steady hours for only two companies. He was a lithographer, and there weren’t too many shops back then, even in San Francisco, but there were enough that he could have switched jobs every few years. But he didn’t. Few people did. Longevity was the norm, back then. You found a place you liked; you stayed there, and your tenure was respected. (more…)

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Obey the Kitty!Contrary to my plans, I didn’t do any re-edits this weekend. The monkey-boy day-job got in the way. Executive Management decided to push up a deadline, so, for the second weekend in a row, I had to work (no overtime, no compensation). I noticed that Executive Management was not online, working with us…but I digress.

But I got a “thank you” from my immediate lead. He tossed me a quarter. That’s right. $0.25. That was my thank-you for nineteen straight days of work.


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