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Here’s my position on climate change: It’s happening.

You and I may disagree on whether or not it is anthropogenic, but if you deny that it’s happening at all, well, there’s no evidence I can provide that will convince you.

Last month, Allan Savory gave a presentation at the TED Talks, discussing climate change and the results of experiments in biomimicry. The content was astounding; so much so, that I strongly recommend everyone to devote 20 minutes to watching the video of his presentation. I came away, hopeful about our ability to address one of the contributing factors of climate change.

I first read about biomimicry back before the turn of the century (I love using that phrase) in a book by Janine Benyus entitled, appropriately, Biomimicry. The book did not address the issue of climate change–Al Gore hadn’t made a splash with it yet–but it did look at ways to solve human problems by mimicking patterns found in nature, such as the use of mixed-grain planting to mimic the prairie grasses of the Great Plains and help stop erosion and soil depletion.

What Allan Savory has done, is to mimic natural patterns and help reverse one of the four major anthropogenic contributors to climate change: desertification.


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