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Kurt R.A. GiambastianiA reader’s question on a recent post made me think a bit.

Is writing an escape from my day job, or is my day job an escape from writing?

At first thought I said, “Why, that’s easy!” but then I thought again.

My writing “career” has had three distinct phases, so far:

  • Apprentice Writer
  • Professional (albeit part-time) Writer
  • Freelance/Avocational Writer

In none of these was writing my “day job.” I’m a software developer by vocation; that’s my monkey-boy day-job, and it is whence my main income has always come.

(Yes, I just used “whence” in a sentence…don’t freak out. You did fine the other day when I used “agley,” didn’t you?)

But has writing always been an escape from the day job? Have I always looked forward to the task of writing? Has writing always brought me joy, made me happy? (more…)

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