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Well, since my discussion of Churchill’s Black Dog was received with all the enthusiasm of a root canal, let’s turn to a topic that’s less…depressing.


Twelfth Night (or What You Will) is without doubt my favorite of Shakespeare’s plays, and I’ve seen many productions of it both live and on screen. Before, I was torn as to which was my favorite but that’s all done with, as the clear winner is the 2012 production mounted by Shakespeare’s Globe, starring an all-male cast including Mark Rylance (as Olivia) and Stephen Fry (as Malvolio). (more…)

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Yesterday was the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s purported birth (we know the day he was christened, but not the day he was born so, as with Most Things William, we’re really just guessing).

In honor of this anniversary, I neither watched one of his plays nor read any of  his poetry.


I watched Shakespeare in Love.

Travesty! Sacrilege!

Feh. (more…)

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