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Dragons AheadI am a terrible businessman.

Last week, I submitted my outline for the proposed Fairbanks biographical novel. Along with the actual outline/synopsis, I sent a letter explaining some of the decisions that went into its creation. The family only has experience with writing non-fiction works about the life of their patriarch, sculptor Avard Fairbanks, so I felt it prudent to provide them with some insight into the differences between that and a work of biographical fiction. I also provided them with a quote of costs and timelines that was more realistic than the ball-park estimate I provided them early on. Along with this, I strongly encouraged them to do some research into ghost-writers, to confirm that my quote was not out of line.

The response was good, but measured. They were very pleased with the outline, but the details of costs and timelines introduced a strong dose of reality to the discussion.

This is as I believe it should be but, as I said, I am a terrible businessman. (more…)

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Dragons AheadI am an outliner, and right now, I’m damned glad of it.

Prior to beginning a project, I create a fairly extensive outline. Some writers prefer a more organic method; they set up a character in a conflict and write to see where it takes them.

If I were a writer like that, this project would be a nightmare. I wouldn’t know where to start. As it is, though, I knew precisely where to start: with an outline.


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Dragons AheadI have discovered a corollary to Parkinson’s Law. If you don’t know, Parkinson’s law is:

Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.

My discovery, which I shall call the Researcher’s Corollary to Parkinson’s Law, is:

Research material expands to exceed the time available.

In my experience, the factor by which this material expands (aka the KRAG Coefficient) ranges anywhere from 50–100%, but in theory, it’s an open-ended scale.


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Rain, by Avard FairbanksAs regular readers have deduced, my current WIP, The Wolf Tree, has been languishing, left untended due to a variety of life events. I should probably call it a “work-in-stasis” rather than a work-in-progress. Now it’s official: The Wolf Tree is on the back burner.

The reason: I received an email asking if I’d like to write a book.

As a self-identified author, I’ve received pitches like this before: a guy has a “great idea” for a book, and all I have to do is outline it, write it, edit it, market it, sell it, and then (of course) give him a cut of the profits as payment for the use of his great idea. Win-Win, right?

Wrong. (more…)

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