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Gird thy Loins

Clock TowerNext week, our very dear friends are leaving on an extended, 3+week tour of Europe. And by “our very dear friends,” I mean their whole family; Grandma, the kids, and the grandkids are all packing up and will travel, together, for nearly a month.

First, I set aside my bogglement at (and envy of) a family for whom being in each others’ company, 24×7, for a double-fortnight will be great fun, and then I noted that for some of them this is their first overseas trip. To help them on their way, I was going to email them some salient advice (aside, that is, from my First Rule of Traveling: bring earplugs).

Then I thought, what the heck, let’s share it with everyone.

And so, for them and for y’all, my Three Top Tips for Travelers…


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