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Can someone please, please, explain to me the fascination—no, compulsion—to put giant Ferris wheels in front of some of the world’s best skylines?

No, the picture to the right has not been Photoshopped. This is for reals, kiddo. Seattle has a “wheel.”

Why o Why hast Thou forsaken us? I know that Seattle’s streets have an interesting mnemonic associated with Jesus, but now it looks like even the Big Guy has thrown us under the bus.

Seattle now joins Dubai, Beijing, Singapore, London, and several other cities that either already have or are planning to build one of these monstrosities. Sure, you can argue that Dubai’s skyline is already a cartoon come to life and won’t be significantly affected by the addition of a huge carnie ride, and you could also say that Beijing didn’t have a decent skyline to begin with, so anything is a help. But any view of London is now permanently scarred by the addition of the “Eye” on the shore of the Thames, right across from historic Whitehall. At least Singapore had the wisdom to put their “Flyer” off to the side, and not spang in the middle of their skyline.

And now Seattle has one; a 175-foot tall carbuncle on Pier 57, smack-dab in the middle of what was a wonderfully human-scale waterfront. It is an eyesore, a misplaced behemoth. You might as well tie it to “Hammering Man” and make a whirligig out of it. It has completely ruined our balanced, compact, almost Deco skyline. It is the urban developer’s equivalent of graffiti. Seattle, sadly, has been “tagged.”

Ironically, now the only decent view of Our Fair City is from the wheel, because it’s the only place from which you can’t see the damned thing.


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