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Writing with Pen and PaperIn my last post, I suggested that blogging steals time better spent writing novels. The flip-side is what blogging has taught me about writing.

So, what have I learned?

In the past three years, I’ve published over 550 posts here, racking up over 400,000 words, so the first thing I’ve obviously learned is how much I actually can write when I don’t think I’m actually writing. The second thing is that blogging is writing, just a different form.

But these are about having written, and aren’t useful when writing. What have I learned that I can use while I write?


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Stonehenge in SunlightIs writing keeping me from writing?

I did not start this blog as a marketing tool. Good thing, too. I experience enough failures in my life without creating more of my own.

No, I started this blog as a writing tool. At a time when I was struggling to find the time and mental discipline to write another novel, I figured a blog would be a good tool to keep me writing on a regular basis.

And it worked. I have kept writing. Regularly.

But, has it kept me from writing?

I know that sounds stupid, but let me put it this way: Have my self-imposed blog writing “responsibilities” prevented me from working on my novel?

Taking a dispassionate, purely quantifiable view, the answer is Yes. (more…)

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