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Mahonia after rainToday begins the second year of this blog. It’s been an education.

Here’s the obligatory breakdown of my first year:

  • This will be the 299th post
  • The blog has garnered almost 7000 hits
  • The blog has been viewed by 137 countries

What fascinates me the most is the variety of search criteria that has sent folks this way.

Factoring out the “miscellaneous” search phrases (like “walking stick heavy end up or down”…hunh?), some things become clear.

  • People are very curious about the relative properties of dishware
    (“porcelain vs. stoneware” — 30% of search hits)
  • People are as interested in my writing as they are in some of the recipes I put up
    (both at 14% of total search hits)
  • People are nearly as interested in what a “peeper’s dry plate” is, as they are in my writing
    (“peeper’s dry plate” — 9% of search hits)
  • Movies, Seattle, and general writing topics each took in 5-7% of the total

It’s all just nerdy gee-whiz sort of figures, but it shows that I’m meeting my two major goals:

  1. I’m writing something on a regular basis
  2. I’m providing a way for my readers and potential readers to learn about my writing

So, my thanks to all of you, both subscribers and passers-by, for your interest, your comments, and your encouragement.


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